UBTUF Overview

Uganda Brain Tumour Foundation (UBTUF)was founded 2017 by brain tumour survivors Dr Collins Oku-Oleng and Pastor Wilson Mugarura. Their stories of surviving are extraordinary and you can read them here.

The aim of the foundation is to raise awareness about brain tumour disease, provide help and relief to patients and families of these patients.

We partner with local communities, organisations, charities alike, hospitals and well wishers to provide emotional, physical and financial help to brain tumour victims.

Our website also provides valuable information about the brain tumour disease which patients and families can use to provide help to victims or seek assistance.


By Pastor Wilson Mugarura

Pastor Wilson is a brain tumour survivor, a founder member and vice chairperson of Uganda Brain tumour foundation.

He was diagnosed with a meningioma tumour on the left side of his brain in July 2014 at International Hospital Kampala (IHK) Uganda.
He was then evacuated to Yashoda Hospital in India and had an operation on August 14th 2014.

After the surgery, he returned to Uganda, but with residual side effects of the surgery such as backache and weakness of the right side of his body and pain in the right shoulder.

He is currently on post-operatvive medication to prevent fits.

In 2016, while reading one of the local Ugandan Newspapers (New Vision), he came across a similar story of another Brain tumour survivor – Dr. Collins Oku. He managed to get in touch with Dr. Collins through the journalist who interviewed him and together with three other similar cases, they agreed that a foundation that would support various other survivors be established, hence the emergence of the Uganda Brain Tumour Foundation (UBTUF)

UBTUF now operates and collaborates alongside with members of the Uganda Community including scientists, clinicians, nurses, allied health professionals, medical societies, government line ministries, pharmaceutical companies, cancer organizations, research institutes, opinion leaders, and the media in Uganda; and patient advocacy organizations around the world.